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The Presenter Role

Understanding the presentation

The Path-Wise presentation is an educational program that is primarily focused on the range of beliefs and philosophies that young people meet in Australia today. It is designed for senior high students, preferably for a whole Year Ten assembly.

Your task is to prepare a personal narrative of no more than 5 minutes along with up to 7 slides for a powerpoint. Your narrative will describe your family heritage of culture and beliefs that you experienced as a child, your own thoughts and beliefs that you established as a young person, and ways in which you express your ethics and beliefs in the community today.

Normally three presenters tell their stories. After this they respond to students questions in an engaging and conversational manner.

How we present and the attitude we show is as important as what we say. We show respect towards other presenters and towards all the great traditions of wisdom and spirituality. We acknowledge the variety of different beliefs within each religion or worldview.


The training process

The first key is to observe a school presentation by others as soon as possible. This can be arranged at any time with the administrator.

Equally essential is to attend without obligation a Pathways Conversation Workshop where you can meet and hear other presenters. You will enjoy the team building experience. If you wish to be a presenter for Pathways, you will be invited to deliver your presentation at the Workshop.

The workshop includes simulated questions and responses that will make you aware of the kinds of questions students ask and how you might reply. There is also a list of sample questions available to read over.

Detailed guidelines  for presenters  are available via the Expression of Interest.  Potential presenters are invited to send a draft narrative to the administrator at any time.

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