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Supporting Organizations

PathWays Inc. has financial support for its program from the Victoria Multicultural Commission. Listed below are the organizations that supported our original grant application and have representatives on our management team.

See below for other organizations  that embrace diversity of worldviews or cooperation.

Those with a faith worldview are:

Council for Christians and Jews (Vic)

Commission for Mission, Uniting Church Synod, Vic-Tas

Religions for Peace Australia;

Australian Baha’i Community;


Those with a freethought worldview are:

Freethought Student Alliance

Humanist Society of Victoria

Progressive Atheists

Rationalist Society of Australia

Second Strike (a youth leadership training agency)

Victorian Skeptics.

Other organizations that embrace diversity of worldviews or cooperation are:

United Religions Initiative

Office of Multiculutral Affairs and Citizenship

Faith Communities Council of Victoria

Jewish Community Council of Victoria

Islamic Council of Victoria

Anti-Defamation Commission

Multifaith Multicultural Youth Network

Effective Altruism

OASES Graduate School


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