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‘We’ve never had a presentation like Path-Wise’

Nearly 200 Year 9 girls at MLC listened with interest to a Path-Wise presentation ‘Living with Difference’, as a change of pace on a busy day (Dec. 2)preparing for the end of year presentation.

Questions were still coming after an hour in response to the stories and thoughts of Jag (always a Sikh) James (an atheist born into a Mormon family) and Alex (a Christian born to atheist parents).  The continuities and changes in their lives well illustrated the opportunity each student has to value and explore their own family heritage and to make their own decisions about beliefs and ethics.

Some teachers’ thoughts:

  • ‘a long session at end of term (1 hour) but fantastic content’
  • ‘a great format; students were really engaged’
  • ‘ a great example of diverse people working well together’

Both staff and students independently stated they had never had a presentation like this one. Girls asked for more such opportunities to consider different beliefs and perspectives alongside each other.



Welcome reception of Path-Wise at Sea of Faith, Melbourne

Nigel Sinnott (former editor of The Freethinker, Britain’s longest-running atheist magazine), reflects on a Path-Wise presentation to Sea of Faith in Australia “I would like to thank the administrator and three presenters for demonstrating the Pathways Diversity Education program at yesterday’s meeting of the Melbourne Group of SoFiA.

What we saw and heard was imaginative, intelligent, varied, courteous and enlightening. I wish you all well in finding more schools that are interested in hearing you. I speak as someone who has been a staunch atheist for sixty years and active in the freethought movement since 1963.

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