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School Commendations

Upwey High School

Very engaging and brave stories to share with a wide audience //and to engage them for an extended period of time.

 Lyndale Secondary College

Teachers were very positive and so were the students.

Koonung Secondary College

A great session of Q & A, got to know what exactly is in the minds of students

Charles La Trobe College

The 3 presenters were all professional and had the attention of all the students, and that is not an easy job with school students.

Mercy College, Coburg

Student voice:

“We should be able to listen to talks like today’s and realise that we are all human and there is no reason to judge people because they have a different religion to you”


Catholic Ladies College, Eltham

The presenters shared stories we don’t often hear in our secular world. They helped students to understand the diverse pluralistic society that we live in.

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