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Path-Wise and the Curriculum

The personal stories and the Q and A that follows help teachers to fulfil their responsibility to develop the General Capabilities of students as required by the Australian Curriculum, as follows.

  • Intercultural understanding

The wide variety of cultural backgrounds of presenters gives students the opportunity to develop intercultural understanding through accounts of their family heritage.

  • Ethical understanding

Our presenters offer an honest treatment of issues that arise in personal relationships and in encounters with people who are different.

  • Critical and Creative thinking

Presenters draw on a wide variety of university studies and describe their own experience as young people thinking through the range of worldviews to which Australian young people are exposed.

  • Personal and Social Competence

As young adults a few years older than high school students, presenters make a special impact on high school students by demonstrating the competence they develop in the crucial intervening years.

Path-Wise may connect with student learning  by engaging with themes of ethics and beliefs found in set texts within the English curriculum.

Path-Wise can also relate directly to issues treated in Philosophy classes.

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