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Management Team

A quarterly meeting to manage PathWays draws together representatives of the supporting organizations and interested presenters.

Current representatives are:

Ian Fry


Dr Ian Fry – Religions for Peace






Tzipi Boroda – Christans and Jews, Vic


K Hallett


Dr Keith Hallett – Living Faiths Commission.

Keith has been an active advocate for education about religions since researching this topic in England in 1982.



Jane McLachlan – Australian Bahai Community.


FodorJames Fodor – Secular Society, University of Melbourne.




S StuartStephen Stuart – Humanist Society of Victoria

The Humanist Society of Victoria became a foundation member of PathWays for Diversity Education Inc. because of our concern for social well-being. To maintain that well-being, it is desirable for people to come to terms with the diversity in society of conscientious beliefs, both traditional and modern. Pathways  presents that opportunity as young people begin to think for themselves.


Andrew Rawlings – Progressive Atheists.


DoigDr Meredith Doig – Rationalist Society of Australia

Australia is a pluralistic nation, with an enviable record of successful multiculturalism. Contributing to that success has been the myriad of interfaith organisations and networks that have built bridges across different faith traditions. Pathways takes this one step further by facilitating collaboration across faith and freethought groups, demystifying “the other”, and thereby strengthening Australia’s social cohesion. We are Australia’s first “inter-belief” network.



MouldDavid Mould – Second Strike



Skeptics TerryTerry Kelly  Victoria Skeptics – Vice – President

A former English Teacher he has been a Social Worker for 32 years and currently works at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Aged care Assessment.

Terry was a Catholic choir boy as a child and has many religious friends, but has moved on. He enjoys the liberation of atheism and the skeptics attention to the link between science education and consumer rights.


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