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We welcome new questions suggested by readers.

What is special about Pathways?

PathWays for Diversity Education Inc. seems to be the first incorporated society in Australia linking faith and free-thought adherents.

It is a trend setter in the realm of inter-belief, in tune with the strategy of the government of Victoria to ensure both faith and free-thought voices contribute to social policy.

How can faith and free-thought people cooperate?

All participants in PathWays believe that for the sake of social cohesion,  education in Australia must cover all major worldviews.

Are school students interested in faith and free-thought worldviews?

Student feedback shows that students who are already exposed to wide diversity in some schools value the added perspective and breadth that young adult presenters offer.

Why bother students with details about other beliefs?

Many students have no clear belief framework to undergird ethical choices. Respect for those who are different will be enhanced by conversation with them

Are PathWays participants all on the progressive side of their belief community?

Not necessarily. But PathWays participants are all open to present their views in a pluralist context and to respect others with different beliefs.

Path-Wise school presenters undertake to represent the range of traditional and progressive views within their faith or free-thought community.

Are all faith and free-thought groups represented?

PathWays has formal support for the school program from 11 groups. So far this does not include major groups such as Islam and Hinduism but we have presenters from these traditions.

Why has the name Path-Wise been chosen?

In the school context, the term Pathways is often used to refer to programs dealing with careers. The tern Path-Wise points instead to attitudes and beliefs.

Why pay the presenters?

Paying presenters is a way of saying their work is valuable. It also expresses mutual accountability and helps to ensure a stable program while the circumstances of presenters may change.

Some of our presenters are students with limited income who value a payment. Others are happy to present in a voluntary way.

Does PathWays Inc. have financial backing?

PathWays is grateful to the Victorian Multicultural Commission for grants paid over two annual cycles.

We also have donations from supporting groups.

These grants have paid for the development of media in the form of a website, pamphlet, video and banner.

Grants can also help subsidise the cost of the program where schools have limited funds, especially for a first presentation to enable a school to see the value of Path-Wise.

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