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What is the Path-Wise Presentation?

A discussion of beliefs and philosophies for your school students

Path-Wise is an educational presentation designed for an assembly of Year 10 students, in which three speakers (mostly young adults) tell brief stories of their family background and how they determined their own ethics and beliefs. Presenters speak in a natural and informative way. Their stories illustrate major philosophies and faiths that are part of the rich heritage of Australian society for every student to consider.

In a 70 – 90 minute program, most time is given to lively engagement with students’ questions about ethics and beliefs, rituals and relationships. Presenters demonstrate mutual respect and social cohesion across wide differences of worldview.

Our People

The PathWays coalition is an effective mix of passionate articulate young adults and highly qualified and experienced representatives of supporting organizations

Together we have created a new dialogue and cooperation linking people from both religious and secular organizations. The term inter-belief is used to denote this diversity that moves beyond interfaith to embrace humanist worldviews.

Participants in PathWays fully respect the variety of beliefs in our community in a way that allows each different voice to be heard in its particularity.

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